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Burning Man Starts Now – Take Two

Konstantina Konstantinidi Nikolas Necklace $162.00Silvia Rossi Peacock Feather Necklace $671.00

Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Tassel Necklace $148.00Daniela Bustos Maya grey Plumas Necklace $165.00

Zoe Tassel Knecklace $69.00Boticca Dusty Pink Feather Necklace $80.00


Club Monaco Rosario Necklace $495.00Isabel Marant Gold Tone Crystal and Feather Necklace

Burning Man is back on. That is, the rain has stopped, the dirt/sand has dried up, and they are letting people into the grounds again. The festival had to close on opening day due to severe rain and thunderstorms, turning away thousands of RV’s and cars. Mother Nature is back on board and the music and festivities shall continue.

Yet, you don’t have to weather the crowds and all out craziness that ensues when thousands of people get together to experience a taste of the Burning Man vibe. This fall’s feather and tassel trend can let you participate (albeit, in a small way) without facing the all out madness of a festival.

Make a statement in Konstantina Konstantinidi’s vibrant blue and green feather Nikolas necklace, or try Isabel Marant’s somewhat subdued version in gold tone crystals and feathers. For a peacock look with no feathers, Silvia Rossi’s stunning necklace is made from rhodium plated brass, acrylic and plexiglas. Love it!!

While my preferred tassel versions were simpler and sleeker –  love both Rebecca Minkoff’s fringe tassel necklace, and Club Monaco’s leather and beaded one; Daniela Bustos’ maya grey Plumas version proves they can make a statement as well.

Check here for Burning Man traffic reports.

Konstantina Konstantinidi Nikolas Necklace $162.00 // Silvia Rossi Peacock Feather Necklace $671.00 // Daniela Bustos Maya Grey Plumas Necklace $165.00 // Boticca Dusty Pink Feather Necklace $80.00 // Isabel Marant Gold Tone Crystal and Feather Necklace // Club Monaco Rosario Necklace $495.00 // Zoe Tassel Knecklace $69.00 // Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Tassel Necklace $148.00


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