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Catching The Bright Light Of Silver

Silver Style Gucci Silver Street Style

Silver Street StyleSilver Street Style

Lowe SprngSilver Street Style

Silver Street StyleSilver Street Style

I know I’m not the only one that needs a touch of lightness in their life these days. It was a hard week for half of America, and I am just beginning to be able to wrap my head around it. Reading, talking to friends, and listening to a lot of music has helped. What also helped was perusing street style pics, and catching all the bright light that silver reflects.

Naomie Harris at the Hollywood Film Awards, where she took home the Hollywood Breakout Actress award, looked positively aglow in her Gucci silver lame pantsuit. What also caught my eye were all the silver skirts (both sequin and lame) worn during the day with a casual bent to them. Whether paired with Converse suede sneakers, oxfords, mid-sized heels or to the knee boots, all looked smashing! And, who doesn’t love a silver leather bomber jacket with red and black knit trim detailing. When paired with red it read like a breath of fresh air!

Shop the look:

Isabel Marant E?toile Lame Mae Dressstuart-weitzman-the-bacari-bootiederek-lam-10-crosby-lame-trousers



Then There’s This

michelle-obama-a-candid-conversation-with-americas-champion-and-mother-in-chief Michelle Obama: A Candid Conversation With America’s Champion and Mother in Chief

how-to-turn-your-home-into-a-safe-haven-when-you-want-to-escape-the-world How to Turn Your Home Into a Safe Haven (When You Want to Escape the World)

donatella-versaces-7-most-valuable-life-lessons Donatella Versace’s 7 Most Valuable Life Lessons: “Family is Everything”


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I Want One!

Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015

Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015 Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015

Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015 Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015

Love these asymmetrical skirts at Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring 2015 collection — especially the first exit. Extra yoga workouts here I come. At least I have 6 months to get my legs in tip top shape.

Also check out what Vaccarello’s been up to at Versus for Versace here.

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Milan Fashion Week – Versace

Spring 2013 finds Versace in a much freer state of being. Loose, flowing and whimsical while never losing its sexual edge. The collections coming from Milan have embraced the late sixties, early seventies however it’s the vain of the music festivals of every generation that this collection represents.

Mini tunic dresses, shorts and jeans with lace inserts; care free, tie dyed silk T-shirt dresses with billowy trumpet sleeves; pelmet skirts held together with Western cross-lacing scream to be danced in. The cross-body bags worn through out are the perfect accouterments for dancing unlike the gladiator heels.

Vogue.com relayed Donatella’s inspiration and battles within herself regarding the collection,  “I didn’t use any of the usual construction that goes inside. I wanted to challenge myself to do fluidity and lightness—and to have the ability to change. Is it younger, too?” ventured a reporter, tentatively. Yes. But I am getting younger! Ms. Versace shot back, laughing. Maybe it’s for a younger crowd. I stepped out of my comfort zone”.

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Ciao Bella — Italy’s Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week

Every once and a blue moon, all the elements in the galaxy line up to form a perfect union, the ebb and flow of life falls perfectly into place and perfection is spewn forth. This is exactly what happened to Raf Simmons for his last Jill Sander collection (Jil Sander is returning as the designer to her namesake line). It was evident from the moment models entered clutching their coats closed and then there was no doubt left in one’s mind when they were followed by a seamless parade of peerlessly beautiful dresses and coats. After the show Simmons identified his muse as two, delving into a day in the life of those in love and then celebrating that pure and simple pleasure. Raf Simmons may be leaving the house of Jil Sander, but no doubt he has paved the way to starting his own home.

Bottega Venata has always exuded understated luxury. There is an elegance in the strength of Tomas Maier’s vision of a woman, he has a way of doing expensive that is not offensive. The audience was moved and transfixed with the parade of perfectly tailored coats, suits, and chic yet elegant dresses that Maier sent down the runway. I can see any starlet on the red carpet at today’s Oscars donning the velvet evening gown with a fitted bodice and a skirt of feathery layered chiffon.  As Sarah Mower from Vogue.com wrote, “His view goes beyond clothes to reach a truth about women today — someone adult, chic, and subtly powerful, emanating a deep sense of self.. And that’s what touched the heart.”

Versace gave us another version of “strong women”, one that was a dramatic mixture of goth and glamour. Donatella used a strong cross motif which was riddled throughout the collection: their were crosses silk-embroidered on a short black velvet coatdress, spangled in dark jewels, embossed into leather and photo printed on body-gripping leggings. Her predominately black and white collection was punctuated with acid yellow and a most vibrant orange, with shaggy silken strands of alpaca and Gianni Versace’s signature chain mail adding the texture.

As we move on to Paris, the final city in the 2012 Fall/Winter collections, I leave you with some of my other favorite looks.

!st Group is Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012.

2nd Group – first two rows Bottega Venetta Fall/Winter 2012 and the last row Versace Fall/Winter 2012.

3rd Group- clockwise from top left: Emilio Pucci, Emilio Pucci, Alberta Ferretti, Piazza Sempione, Sport Max, Gucci.

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Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 – Versace sizzles and D&G Fades Away

Bella e Sexy. To read this you don’t have to understand Italian, you just need to know it is describing Versace’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection and you’ll know it means beautiful and sexy.

The collection had a summery underwater theme – hence the starfish motifs, prints of seahorses and scalloped shells and warm weather pastels such as ice blue, lavender, lemon, and pistachio. “I was thinking of sirens and mermaids, their hot sexuality. And everything I like, and Gianni liked,” she said, laughing.

She goes on to say it was “the meeting of the old and the new Versace”. It was evident every where from the outfits that were a mixture of neoprene and plisse, shorts replacing the pelmet mini, Goddess like gowns to the gold studs Donatella has an affinity for.

How relevant is it that the craze for nineties Gianni Versace baroque ’n’ roll prints is at high tide—fashion kids are scouring every vintage source for shirts and scarves and flaunting them around the shows— and that Donatella’s first collection for H&M is set to debut in early November and will be bringing in a new wave of the Versace obsessed.

This collection screams Versace but what was heard on the lips of everyone leaving the show was, ” That was so Donatella “.

With Dolce and Gabbana integrating D&G in their main signature line, Thursday’s D&G show was the last of its kind. Leave it to Domenico and Stephano to go out with a bang!

Prints were on all the runways and in the front rows, but no where like the catwalk for D&G. The foundation was scarf prints taken from Dolce and Gabbana’s own back catalog, with what looked like a wink and a nod to those of Versace and Hermès as well.

There were polka dots, crests, medallions, butterflies, and flowers whipped in to shorts, pants, flowy skirts and mini dresses that looked as if they were tied out of scarfs. A pure homage to foulard. Notice the scarves woven into the footwear.

To be sure, this collection is going to be snapped up as fast as you can say ” One, two, three”. Be sure to get your collector’s item, shop early next Spring!!

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