Found By Maja: Eclectic Finds For The Home



As the founding principal of Alegria Design, an interior design business in San Francisco, New York and Tokyo, Maya Lithander Smith has an eye for taste. One simply has to view how she transformed her Marina home in San Francisco (above) to know the level of her interior design expertise.

Known for her “eclectic style that fuses approachable elegance and refined yet exotic details” Maja is now bringing her amazing treasure hunting skills to a brick and mortar space on Sacramento street in San Francisco. After living in Tokyo for over 3 years, and globe-trotting around the world for 2 decades searching for exotic finds for her clients, Maya has now curated and collaborated with some of her favorite designers and artisans from around the world to bring these global goods to more than just her clients. Lucky us! If you are a lover of colorful, beautiful, and in many cases one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories then this newly opened store is a must visit!

Some of my favorites are the Turkish bamboo towels, silk velvet Ikat pillows, mixed pattern napkins and the one-of-a-kind finds. Shop my favs below, or go to Found by Maja.

Found by Maja 484 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94118




Napkins -Set of 4 // Skull Shopping Basket // Cotton Dhurrie Serpentine Rug // Lucite Tray // Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow // Palestinean Blown Glass Vases

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