The Luxury Of Knits

MissoniJil Sander

Bottega VenetaALC

Isabel MarantVictoria Beckham

MissoniA Piece Apart


We all have our own personal story of when fashion trumped pain. Where the benefits of being stylish far out weighed the cumbersomeness of pain.  Priorities are priorities. Personally I always despised the tightness of pantyhose’s waistband. I was lucky enough to discover thigh highs held up by elastic. No more unyielding, oppressive waist bands to deal with. I was not as fortunate when it came to the pointy toed high heels I love. It was either suffer through or do with out.

Knits are not only luxurious with their supple fabric content and feel good touch, but there is the added extravagance of pain-free clothing that is stylish and chic to boot. Such is the beauty of knits. Plus, with all the advancements in fabric technology the styles, the drape, and the look of knits has expanded way beyond your basic tube knit dress. This fall you’ll have an array of styles and silhouettes to choose from. Above are some of my favorite selections from the Fall 2016 collections. Missoni’s artful striped layered dress upon turtleneck upon pants, Celine’s draped tunic over full-legged trousers, and Jil Sander’s delicate lilac hued skirt set are a few of my favs. What are yours?


Missoni // Jil Sander // ALC // Victoria Beckham // A Piece Apart // Agnona // Celine // Missoni // Isabel Marant // Bottega Veneta

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