Romance For The Men This 14th

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Don’t be fooled that men don’t need or want a little romance on Valentine’s Day. Everyone needs to feel loved and cherished. And, if you expect a romantic gift with meaning and thought behind it, you too, must give as good as you get. But what do men consider romantic?? Therein lies the difficulty; it’s not like us girls who always adore a piece of jewelry. This Valentine’s Day check out my list of romantic gift ideas to make sure your guy feels treasured by you.

1 – Mixed Tape: Though these days it would be a digital compilation, the idea will never go out of style. My suggestion – compile the perfect mix tape for making out! Include U2’s ‘ If You Wear That Velvet Dress.’ Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Drive All Night,’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Your Eyes.’ Click here for tips on making the perfect mixed tape.

2 – Lingerie: Remember, this is not just a gift for you! Take a selfie in your newly bought intimates and send it to him with a note that says, “A glimpse of what’s ahead for you this evening.” Prepare a romantic evening consisting of a homemade dinner, candles and bubbly! Agent Provocateur Bra Panties.

3 – Create a Crossword Puzzle: Make sure to include your special dates, moments and anything else mushy. Click here to start.

4 – Couples Massage: This is a no brainer. You both win, and think how relaxed you’ll be for other activities! Living in Los Angeles, try Larchmont Sanctuary, voted #1 for best couples spa packages.

5 – First Edition Books: Let him know you love him for his brain as much as his hot bod! Search here for your loved one’s favorite books in first editions.

6 – Lounging: Help him relax with J Crew’s classic PJ’s!

7 – Love Poems by Pablo Neruda: You don’t have to be a prolific writer to shower your guy with anecdotes on how deep your love goes. Let nobel laureate, Pablo Neruda, do it for you with his book of poems from the film, “Il Positino.”

8 – Tickets to his favorite Sporting Event: Trust me, guys are a different breed from us, they find these gestures romantic and much appreciated. Just don’t buy the tickets for the 14th. Clipper tickets, Laker tickets, Dodger tickets and King tickets

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