Be Powerful: Give (Product Red)

Beats Solo2 (PRODUCT)RED On-Ear HeadphonesGap INC(RED)IBLE Onesie

Bed Bath Beyond Product Red Gift CardSUGA(RED) LIP TREATMENT SUNSCREEN SPF 15

Moleskine (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition NotebookLe Creuset® Cherry 7-Piece Tools Set

iPhone 6s Leather Case Product Red(Product) Red Special Edition Tomato Pop Candle

Chances are if you haven’t ordered your gifts online yet, the recipient won’t be getting them by Christmas. Not to worry, there’s still the old school way of shopping — brick and mortar. I can’t think of better gifts to give, or to receive, than (Product) Red. (See how to find a store near you below.) When you shop (Product Red) a Red partner donates a portion of its profits to help fight the spread of Aids.

Product (Red) organization (one of my favorites) raises money for the fight against AIDS. Did you know that in 2002 more than 1,500 babies were born every day infected with HIV? Today that number is just over 600, and if we keep it up we can hope for the first AIDS free generation in over 30 years. Think about that, you can be part of a movement that accomplishes a huge feat. But the time to act is NOW. Whether you’re purchasing your last few gifts, stocking stuffers or just starting to shop, buy (RED) and start the end of AIDS now.

While you’re at it become even more powerful, and join One in their fight to end global poverty.

Find a store in the US near you to buy the above (Product) Red: Apple, Bed Bath Beyond, Fresh, Gap, Jonathan Adler, Moleskin and Sur La Table

Beats Solo2 (PRODUCT)RED Headphones // Gap INC(RED)IBLE Onesie // Fresh Suga(RED) Lip Treatment Sunscreen  SPF 15 // Le Creuset  (PRODUCT)RED Cherry 7-Piece Tools Set // Jonathan Adler (Product) Red Special Edition Tomato Pop Candle // Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case Product Red //Moleskine (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Notebook // Bed Bath Beyond Product Red Gift Card

We’re Not Done Yet

Heifer International Heifer International

The Children's Life Saving FoundationThe Children’s Life Saving Foundation

Solutions For Change Solutions For Change


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