Thoughts On My Thanksgiving Table

Photo By Dwell Studio


This Thanksgiving I’m obsessed with the idea of a (mostly) white table setting. Whether it’s the natural white pumpkins (above) or the modern version of painted ones mixed with white vases (the first photo), both will make a fabulous statement table.

For color, just imagine a golden brown roasted turkey, a bowl of bright green beans, and the warm rich color of sweet potatoes. Not to mention the mélange of hues in a tasty apple, raisin and chestnut stuffing that will dress your table.

Plenty of candles and a white runner down the center of a wooden table are the perfect finishing touches. For those of you who don’t own a white runner, a roll of white craft paper, taped under at the ends of the table, makes an excellent replacement.

If you own a beautiful mahogany table, keeping it bare underneath your decorations,  creates another stunning look (5 photos down).

Lastly, don’t forget, the best accoutrements for your table is to fill with plenty of family and loved ones.


If you want to incorporate a touch of color into your table.


Thanksgiving Color

Or, if you prefer a table with an elegant feel:


A friendly reminder to give thanks for all you have. (Because that is really what the holiday is all about.)


The above cards that read, Give Thanks, make for a beautiful reminder of what the holiday is truly about!

Tasteful and unique place cards:

Place Cards

Place Cards

We’re Not Done Yet

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