The Best Summer Dresses For Under $100

Dress With Chain NecklineGlamorous Ribbed Stripe Midi Dress

LS Tassel DressDileta Dress

Patch Pocket Shirt DressDress With Pleated Back

Plenty of summer days left means loads of opportunities for wearing warm weather dresses. With my fashion budget allocated for fall purchases any new dresses have to be able to do double duty, or ring in at the inexpensive end of the price spectrum.

These six dresses not only are chic and curb my sartorial itch, they all are under $100.00! Not bad! I love them all so much, it’s hard to choose a favorite — share yours!

On another note; how sad was Jon Stewart’s last night in his anchor chair for The Daily Show? It had tears welling up in my eyes. Check out the article and some of the shows funniest moments below.

Dress With Chain Neckline // Glamorous Ribbed Stripe Midi Dress // Dileta Dress // Dress With Pleated Back // Patch Pocket Shirt Dress // LS Tassel Dress

We’re Not Done Yet

CatastropheScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.20.17 PMJohn Stewart


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