When A Second Chance Can Make A First Impression.

Saint Laurant Studded Duffle BagSuno Simple Boxy Top

Frankie Morello Techno Ottoman SkirtJenni Kayne French Surfboard Lace Dress

Isabel Marant Pleated Georgette Marcia BlouseTamara Mellon Silk Elastic-Cuff Pants

Gucci Snakeskin Ankle-Wrap SandalIsabel Marant Lelie Ankle-Wrap Sandals

One of my favorite times of the year is here – sale season. And, as luck would have it, there are some amazingly good ones going on, which makes now the perfect time to grab up those adored pieces that previously weren’t within your budgets grasp. It’s also the ideal time to add a few classic designer pieces to your mix, even if it’s just one.

Trolling (and window shopping) through the sales, I found many items I coveted (and dreamt about) back when they made their debut on the runway…. long before they hit the stores. Odds are, you too will easily find a few favorites you let slip through your fingers. Though trying to whittle it down to one purchase is a whole other story — it is like having a full season of unwatched Breaking Bad episodes, and attempting to watch just one. Nearly impossible!

Saint Laurant Studded Duffle Bag // Suno Simple Boxy Top // Jenni Kayne French Surfboard Lace Dress // Tamara Mellon Silk Elastic-Cuff Pants // Isabel Marant Lelie Ankle-Wrap Sandals // Gucci Snakeskin Ankle-Wrap Sandal // Isabel Marant Pleated Georgette Marcia Blouse // Frankie Morello Techno Ottoman Skirt

We’re Not Done Yet

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