Why I’m Already Missing Mad Men

Betty's Rome DressPeggy Olson

Sally DraperJoan Dresses Like A Boss

Megan & Sylvia

Peggy as a SecrataryMegan's Bisou Bisou Dress

Joan's Red Dresses

Megan DraperBetty Francis

Sometimes life lands you in the absolute right place at just the right time. That is, if you’re lucky. Ridding one’s self of your demons can be an arduous, long and difficult process. It’s never as quick a discovery as one desires, often ripe with what appears to be twice as many failures as rewards (and many times it is happening without us consciously being aware of its presence). But that is why it’s called a journey.

Watching Mad Men was like witnessing Don’s wild ride: his progressions, lessons learned to his steps backward, to his modus operandi of running away when life was simply to emotionally difficult. These past 7 seasons ultimately led him to exactly where he needed to be to gain his long sought after self acceptance. Don’s “ah ha” moment if you will.

Many critics thought Sunday’s series final was cynical — he gains enlightenment to turn it into an award-winning ad for Coke! Or not tied up in a perfect pretty bow. (To these latter folks I ask: do you remember another dramatic series Mather Weiner wrote for?).

For me it was perfect. Just what I needed to imagine the rest of Don’s journey as a happier, more content man and reliable father. I’m sure the ride will likewise have its share of bumps and detours, but isn’t that how it’s meant to be when you’re one of the most successful ad men on Madison avenue?

Oh yes, and I’ll miss the fabulous fashion. Living out the sixties and seventies aesthetic through some of tv’s more memorable characters!!


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