Sarah Flint’s Milanese Sandals

Sarah Flint  Madeline Saddle Vencchetta Sandal

Sarah Flint  Grear Saddle Vencchetta Sandal

Their simplicity and attention to details (delicate embellishments and intricate leatherwork) is what made me stand up and take notice when I first spied these Sarah Flint sandals. Both the Grear and Madeline are classic silhouettes that you will be able to wear for years to come. And, after studying under Richard Siccardi, an artisan known for working with luxury footwear’s most accomplished names (Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik) at Ars Sutoria, Sarah learned a thing or two about quality, making her shoes endure just as long.

Flint’s lifelong dream of creating shoes became reality with the launch of her collection in the Fall of 2013. After realizing they had the exact same thoughts on what constitutes a luxurious, beautifully designed shoe, Siccardi joined Sarah Flint as head of manufacturing.

For inspiration Sarah turns to her travels, art, and the vibrancy of the NYC city she calls home. Flint also has a yen for the elegant world of celebrities of the 1940’s and ’50’s, seeking inspiration from the glamorous lives those stars inhabited.

Catch all of Sarah Flint’s Spring Collection here.

Sarah Flint Madeline Saddle Vencchetta Sandal // Sarah Flint  Grear Saddle Vencchetta Sandal

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