East West

Tiffany & Co. East meets West

“The idea of how you buy a watch today is not just to tell the time; its how you fall in love with the design.”, explains  Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co.’s design director. A trained jeweler and silversmith, Amfitheatrof approached the East West, her first timepiece for the storied house, “more like an object than a precision instrument.”

The result is Tiffany & Co’s latest time piece in a clean, modern rectangular design, with the unexpected touch of numbers arranged sideways (nine o’clock occupying the top position). Time intrinsically represents the future, yet the East West draws its inspiration from a 1940’s purse watch found in Tiffany’s archives, resulting in a vintage aesthetic.

This covetable beauty comes in stainless steal for $3500 (here), also gold and platinum for up to $17,000. My choice is the white background with gold numbering. What’s yours?

Tiffany & Co. East West Watch

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