Martin Luther King Day Of Service

MLK Day Of Service

In honor of Martin Luther King Day today I like to heed MLK’s legacy and give back to others. I always choose my girlfriend’s non-profit Children’s Lifesaving Foundation – I clean out my closet and donate items to them which they in turn give to a family in need.

Splurge on yourself today – it feels soooo good to give back!!

Here are some other ideas to do today:

Send A Letter Or Care Package To The Military

Writing a letter or sending a package of goodies to a member of the military is a fun and unique way to say thank-you for serving our country.

Visit for more details.

Volunteer At Your Local Mission

Your local mission has several ways for you to volunteer. Whether you donate items they need, help sort donations, or feed the hungry — a couple hours of your time can make a big difference. Los Angeles Mission

Donate Books To Your Library

Have a stack of books you’ve already read? Drop them off at any one of  your favorite libraries, so someone else can dive into a literary adventure.

Give Blood

If you’re not already in the habit of giving blood, MLK Day is a great time to start. Contact the American Red Cross and help save a life.

Share Your Dessert

Bring a smile to someone’s face at a senior center, hospital or veteran’s club today by bringing them your favorite sweet and a smile.

Pay It Forward

Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW) is committed to providing hope, health and education to children and adults living in poverty in deprived countries. The Pay-it-Forward Cow Program provides livestock (cows) to women of impoverished families, to help train these families to become “livestock farmers” and primarily to provide them with the tools they need to have a sustainable means of income.

Check This Out Today




















Find out how how students can see Selma free on Martin Luther King day at Selma For Students.


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