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The Children's Lifesaving Foundation

I’ve collaborated with The Children Life Saving’s Foundation — my favorite local non-profit, run by my amazing friend, Francesca, and her family — to start my very own personal fundraising page. Please donate (even as little as $5.00 makes a difference) to help change a family’s life in Los Angeles this holiday season!

Childres's Life Saving Foundation

Donate to my personal fundraising page here. Help me, help in need children and families here in Los Angeles!!

Cute Camp Kids

“Transforming the lives of LA’s Homeless &
At-Risk Youth & Families…Together.”

This is our tagline, the crucial idea behind our Mission and our work here at the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation.

After over twenty fulfilling, challenging and exemplary years of doing this work, we have seen that this notion is one that keeps not only our work alive, but is one, if expanded, can change the course of the entire world…

Read more about their mission statement, and the amazing work The Children Life Saving’s Foundation does here.

Here are a few more worthy charities you can donate to, or gift in lieu of a present this holiday season. Make a difference in someone’s life and see how your life changes!!

Unicef Mosquito Nets $25.92

Unicef Mosquito Nets $25.92

Malaria takes a life every 60 seconds. Bed nets protect sleeping children — indeed entire families — from this deadly, preventable fate. Bed nets are the first and best line of defense against malaria. They can reduce the chance of children catching malaria by 20 percent. But many families that need them can’t afford them.

Save young lives from a cruel disease. Your gift of Mosquito Nets provides 6 nets to protect children and families from malaria.

Changing The Present — Feed A Mother $92.00

Changing The Present -- Feed  A Mother $92.00

The World Food Program (WFP) provides pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with meals packed with essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures that their children get a healthy start by receiving the nutrients they need to grow and develop. By providing proper nourishment for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, WFP helps to reduce child hunger and offer a brighter future free of poverty and malnutrition.

Changing The Present Rent A Stall $100.00

Chaning The Present Rent A Stall $100.00

With a $100 loan, a Haitian woman can rent a market stall and increase her income two-fold. And you’re providing a self-employment loan, not a gift. Your donation will build discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence as women create their own business. And as each loan is repaid, the borrower’s line of credit increases by an amount equal to her accumulated savings.

Krama Wheel Scarlet Pai Woven Scarf $42.00

Krama Wheel Scarlet Pai Woven Scarf $42.00

A child cannot attend school in Cambodia without a school uniform. Countless Cambodian families cannot afford this basic yet essential set of clothing to put their children in school. Our goal is to give children access to education while also empowering artisans to make a living. For each scarf you purchase:

  • one weaver is paid fairly, treated respectfully, and better able to support her family.
  • one local seamstress is paid to sew a school uniform.
  • one child gets a uniform so he or she can attend school.

We deepen the impact by re-investing in the country’s future and keeping the entire process on the ground in Cambodia. You are at the core of our movement. When you wrap yourself in one of these scarves, you wrap a child in a sense of hope and self-worth.

Expressions Of The Vine Box Set $25.00

Expressions Of The Vine $25.00

The SAVED Wines limited-edition set combines Scott Campbell’s artistic talents with his dedication to improving youth access to arts education. This special edition of 100 boxed sets have 100% of proceeds benefiting Free Arts NYC.

Fatboy (Product) Red Special edition Original Bean BagFatboy (Product) Red Special edition Original Bean Bag

10% of the purchase of every Fatboy (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Original Bean Bag will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Purchase the bean bag chair for $149.00 and you’ll provide 37 days of life saving pills.

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