Here It Is, Your Moment Of Zen

Zen Habits

I’m continually trying to improve myself to become a better person, achieve more and become more successful. On some level I think we all are. For the most part I like that about myself. I like learning new things, in fact, I strive to learn something new everyday. But, the flip side of improving oneself, is being content with your self just the way you are, andI’m not always so good at. That is an area where I could grow. Maybe I’m not alone.

My friend, Francesca McCaffery (co-founder of the non-profit The Children’s Life Saving Foundation), and I were discussing this over dinner the other night when she turned me on to Zen Habits. I’ve been devouring the blog ever since. Read You’re Already Perfect.

Zen Habits was started by Leo Babauta, the founder, a married father of six living in Guam who wanted to make a few changes in his life. The first was to quit smoking. That change set all his other other changes in motion. He analyzed the process, learned from it and was inspired by his success. He started Zen Habits to chronicle and share what he’s learned while changing even more habits.

He has since moved to SanFrancisco, his blog has been voted one of The Best 25 Blogs by Time magazine and has over a million readers.  He has written The Power of Less, started mnmlist, and is now self-publishing a book called Focus.

Leo vows to do three things everyday: 1. Meditate daily for a minimum of 3 minutes. 2. Be compassionate towards all living beings. 3. Sing my song, and help others sing theirs. He believes doing these simple things will not only make you a better person, but help improve your self contentment.

I’m game. Are you?

Leo Babauta

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  1. Love that you love this…Leo also has a great new print book he is selling on Kickstarter. Zen Habits- Mastering the Art of Change :)))

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