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Joan Didion

Some days I find it difficult to view my favorite fashion blogs with the attention they deserve. I like to soak up the images and ponder over what it is about a look that catches my eye, or maybe doesn’t, and why. I like to do more than just glance at the posts. Yet, there are a couple of blogs that I’ll carve out the necessary time for, no matter what.

Keep it Chic, founded by Preston Davis, is one of those blogs (the other being Man Repeller by Leandra Medine). To my great elation, Preston’s Wednesday post was about a documentary in the works on the utterly amazing Joan Didion – ‘ We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live’ . It’s hard to believe that it has taken this long given her illustrious career which spans over 5 decades.

Perhaps that is how it was meant to be as her nephew, Griffin Dunne, actor and filmmaker, is making the documentary along with documentarian Susanne Rostock. Who better to give us an intimate and in depth account of Didion’s life than a close relative?

The film covers her life and her more vital works of fiction and journalism along with details of Didion’s career at Vogue. She joined the editorial staff in 1956, the same year she graduated from Berkeley, after winning an essay contest sponsored by the magazine.

Dunne, who wanted to “reach as many people as possible”, choose crowd sourcing at Kickstarter to fund the documentary. Seems I’m not the only one dying to see a documentary about the uber talented writer – the Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $80,000 in just one day! (They have now raised over $135,000.) The Kickstarter’s rewards include a digital download of the film for at least $15, and, for $2,500 a pair of Didion’s “personal” sunglasses. (Those, the Kickstarter now reveals, are “all gone.” Damn!!)

View the trailer at

Joan Didion

Joan DidionJoan Didion


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