Get The look For Less + Olivia Palermo’s Colab With Aguazzura

Olivia Palermo

There are days when my mind travels to reassessing my style. Does it represent the person who I am now? What new risks can I take? Is it need of honing, perhaps a slight tweak, or is it just where it needs to be – sublime in its present state?

Much of style is an innate gift. Yet that’s not to say it can’t be cultivated and perfected, fine-tuned with practise. And, whose to say it can’t modulate over time, as long as it stays true to you.

When I fell upon this photo of Olivia Palermo debuting her new shoe collaboration with Aquazzura (available now at Net-a-Porter, prices range from $565 to $1,625), I thought to myself now there’s a women who was born with style. For me, she is always spot on. Always!

This first started out as a Get The Look For Less post (it had been a while), but it seems Olivia’s not only a style pro, she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s unique – a trend starter. I couldn’t find a pair of shoes that resembled hers, and the same goes for Marchesa Voyage’s blue embroidered moto-style jacket – another to-die for piece! Therefore I took the main elements of her look (navy jacket, white blouse, navy shoes – all classic with edgy details) and created a simpler look. Yet, one that with a dose of imagination can be livened and spruced up.

Start with your favorite pair of slim boyfriend jeans and these basics, and go to it! Let your ingenuity no know bounds. Please share any and all brilliant ideas!

Vanesso Bruno Abigael Acetate-Blend Jacket In Marine $670 on sale for $402.00Zara Short Jacket $99.00

Zara High Heeled Printed Leather Sandals $119.00Pre Owned Jenni Kayne Blouse $75.00

Vanessa Bruno Abigael Acetate-Blend Jacket In Marine $670 on sale for $402.00 // Zara Short Jacket $99.00 // Pre Owned Jenni Kayne Blouse $75.00 //Zara High Heeled Printed Leather Sandals $119.00


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