Beauty Treatment + Nutrional Shakes In One

Bodyism's Clean & Lean Beauty Food $70.00Bodyism's Clean & Lean Body Brilliance $55.00

Bodyism's Clean & Lean Omega BrillianceBodyism's Clean & Lean Berry Burn $55.00

Bodyism's Clean & Lean Serenity Shake $60.00Bodyism's Clean & Lean

I have a confession, I’m a bit of a beauty treatment product junkie. I have gotten better, I don’t feel the need to try every product on the market, nor do I believe everything they promise they can do. I use samples to test the product, and have pretty much figured out what works for my skin. I also like to eat well and pay attention to the nutritional value of foods I consume. I have definitely noticed a correlation between the look of my skin, and what goes in my mouth.

That was why I was so excited to discover (on Net-a-Porter) Bodyism’s Clean and Lean Beauty Food and other supplemental shakes (all natural ingredients). Created by James Duigan — the man behind the hugely popular Clean and Lean diet — who is a globally respected health & well-being expert, and responsible for crafting some of the world’s most famous bodies (Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are some pretty hot examples).

The two products I’m eager to get my hands on are Bodyism’s Beauty Food — an elixir for your skin, blended with super greens, antioxidants and Marine Collagen Peptides to fight aging, reduce lines and repair damage. Beauty Food also promotes flexibility, tone and strength in your hair, nails and muscles. And, Bodyism’s Omega Brilliance capsules contain a highly concentrated dose of fatty acids found in raw Fish Oil –  a natural anti-inflammatory, which assists the body with burning stomach fat and reducing sugar cravings (I need all the help I can get in that area) as well as supporting the brain, joints, heart and immune system. The capsule formula is also boosted with Retinol – proven to help your skin fight acne and signs of aging. 

Another of his shakes that has garnered much attention and helps you get the  most from your work out is Body Brilliance – known as ‘The Supermodel’s Secret Weapon’!

After I give it a whirl I’ll keep you posted on the results!

Clockwise: Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Beauty Food $70.00 // Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Body Brilliance $55.00 // Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Berry Burn $55.00 // Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Ultimate Clean $55.00 // Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Serenity Shake $60.00 // Bodyism’s Clean & Lean Omega Brilliance $50.00

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