The Incredible Serenity Of White

The Line

The Line

The Line

White; some people believe it’s boring, one-dimensional, and lacking in its variety of shades. Well Donald Kaufman and wife/business partner Taffy Dahl would disagree, especially when it comes to paint — “White, with its vast range encompassing tens of thousands of perceptible shades, has many hundreds of paint possibilities.”

The beauty of white, and Donald and Taffy’s new approach and expertise on the color, or lack thereof is the focus of The Line’s latest blog post — Chapter 23. In 1976 when they transitioned from being fine artists — he a painter, she a ceramicist — to become color, especially white, experts they have “collaborated with leading architects and designers to create unique palettes and special pigments, all informed by their ongoing research on and understanding of the complex interactions of color, space, and light. ”

The Donald Kaufman Color Collection, made up of 104 hues, each identified by number, is predominantly neutral colors with the collection containing only a handful of bolder hues. As Kaufman explains in The Line, “Probably ninety percent of all paint purchased are whites and neutrals. All of those other colors on the racks are there to attract people’s attention, but they don’t buy them or paint with them. And if they do, they’re often disappointed. So white is a default fail-safe that really works. And the reason it does is, simply put, it reflects more light.” And this man should know he has worked for Richard Meier and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (just to name a few) in finding a just-right-white — not to warm or not to cool for their specific needs.

I’ve always been drawn to white, even as a little child. It feels so pure, so clean, and the simplicity and ease with which you can pair it with any other hue is a definite added bonus. But, white on white, especially in different textures and shades holds a special kind of allure for me.

My dishes have always been all white, and I can’t ever picture myself sleeping in anything but white sheets. At the end of a long arduous day, slipping into white sheets soothes and relaxes me in no time. My closet contains more than its fair share of t-shirts, white button downs, dresses and bottoms in the chic and enticing hue. I wear it all year round changing up the shade depending on my mood or the season.

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