Cuff Em

Feel like adding a touch of the punk vibe from the late 80’s, early nineties to your look, maybe with a touch of elegance infused in? The ear cuffs of today, with a stronger runway presence every year from there Fall 2013 debut, have become a trend that has spread like wildfires – think Cruise 2015 and celebrity sightings on numerous red carpets and beyond.

I am particularly found of the asymmetrical look of wearing one singular ear cuff for an edgier effect. Tory Burch’s jeweled drop earring cuff, and Maria Francesca Pepe’s embellished ear cuff are two of my favs. If you feeling feminine, and less showy, turn to Ariel Gordon‘s diamond link ear cuff with its delicate nature.

Another edgy yet glamorous look for evening is wearing just one of Shay Accessories black crystal clip on cuffs. Or, try Arme De L’Amour Gold-plated ear cuff for a simpler day feel. What ever your flavor, I believe there is an ear cuff out there for you!

Top clockwise from top left: Chanel Resort 2015 // Alica Keys // Cara Delevingne // Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013.

Clockwise from top left: Tory Burch Jeweled Drop Earring Cuff $165.00 // Ariel Gordon Jewelry Diamond Link Ear Cuff $365.00 Shop Bop // Shay Accessories Crystal Clip On Ear Cuffs $200.00 Shop Bop // Vida Fede Rose Gold Half Moon ear Cuff $265.00 Shoptiques //  Arme De L’Amour Gold-plated Ear Cuff $65.00 Net-a-Porter // Maria Francesca Pepe Embellished Ear Cuff $102.50 Far Fetch


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