And On The Seventh Day

Usually, I get a manicure on Friday and I’m lucky if it lasts till Monday. I’ve tried many brands, bringing in my own new bottles, even pricey designer ones (which admittedly might last a day longer), but it was pretty much the same story — a manicure that would never last a week.

The last few weeks I’ve been trying CND’s Vinylux at Montana Nails in Santa Monica. I could always count on Hong, my manicurist (one of the best in the business), to make my nails look and feel amazing. Now with Vinylux (and Hong) my manicure easily last for 7 days.

Vinylux Weekly Polish, and its top coat, is a breakthrough polish that works its magic without a base coat. Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology to deliver its week-long wear. It comes in an array of 71 fashionable, smashing colors. This summer try Cream Puff or my choice, Studio White . Check out my Instagram for pics.

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