Cruisin In Dubai

It’s been 10 years since Chanel has presented  a collection in Dubai. After viewing the house’s Cruise 2015 collection (I’m still trying to wrap my head around reading 2015), which Lagerfeld dubbed, “This is my idea of a romantic, modern Orient, a new One Thousand and One Nights.”, there was no city more appropriate.

A blend of east meets west, of the sixties and seventies mixed with the present. Beehive hairdo’s mixed with the trendy pastel dyed locks, and I loved the lace and tweed combo jacket and skirt over a delicate lace sweat pant.

The collection had a dominant jewelry theme with a mash-up (if you will) of costume and real commingling together confidently. Berber-inspired pearl necklaces and plenty of sickle-moon diadems in the hair (which Lagerfeld dubbed one half of the Chanel double C). The looped end chokers and crescent moon cuffs were off the charts cool, and no doubt will inspire many knockoffs.

The second half was my favorite. The simple elegance of the black slimmed-down pant with loose or fitted tunics/dresses was it for me, as was Joan Small’s caramel crepe tunic, infused in the cutaway neckline with a patch of sequin embroidery, and narrow pants with button detail. Oh, and those pointed slippers – sign me up please!!!


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