Homepolish — Affordable Interior Design

I’ve been redecorating my place and my creative juices began dwindling when it came to my kitchen/office space. I was in need of a little inspiration when I stumbled upon HomePolish: the genius start-up founded by Noa Santos and Will Nathan. The thought process is to offer home and office decorating services at strikingly reasonable prices —  designer’s services at an hourly rate of $100 for junior designers, or $130 for senior designers (after a $50 home consultation fee) — making it affordable to renters or anyone without a mega budget.

The company has more than 140 interior designers at its disposal, which are matched up to clients based on personality and taste. Homepolish currently works in major cities such as New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Fran and Philadelphia, with plans to expand in the near future.

In a relatively short period of time (the company was started in 2012), Homepolish has landed gigs with creative and impressive clients – designing spaces for Fashiontoast blogger Rumi Neely, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, and W Magazine’s Christina Caldwell, as well as 100 tech businesses including Venmo, Gilt and Codeacademy.

Will and Noa didn’t stop there, they also started a program called Swatch, designed to bring discounts to Homepolish clients with over 100 online vendors including retailers like Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Apt2B. Their aim is to make the process simple and to nix the sale’s pitch portion (hence the hourly rate), “It’s supposed to be a no-brainer, so that when you want interior design, you won’t have to replace your crumbling Ikea with more crumbling Ikea.

Top photos – Living Room Of Homepolish Client //Office Space Megan Collins Of Men’s Lifestyle Site, Style Girlfriend// Living Room Of Homepolish Client.

Bottom Photos – The Office Spaces Of Freelance Journalist Platform Contently // The Office Waiting Room Of Fashion Blog Fashionista // Office Space Of Author And Screenwriter Kelly Oxford.


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