What’s Going On In Don’s World?

A year can go by in the blink of an eye, or in Mad Men terms (waiting around to see what happens to Don Draper and the folks at SC&P)  it can seem infinite.

When we last visited Mad Men at the end of season 6, Don was asked by the other partners to take a leave of absence. And on his way out when he bumped into Lou Avery , a rival creative director, it was clear that the partners intended that leave be more indefinite than Don hoped. Our last moment with Don, is of him revealing where he grew up (in a whorehouse) to his three children while Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now played.

“This season is about consequences,” says Weiner, the creator and head writer of Mad Men, talking about the new season “We don’t just throw stuff away after it has happened. There are shadows over this season that go back to the first time we met Don.”

Season 7 starts off nearly 10 months later in the year 1969. Megan lives in the canyons of Los Angeles and still thinks Don goes into the office at SC&P (both in NY and LA). Though he is still feeding advertising ideas to SC&P via Freddy Rumson. Pete lives near La Brea Tar Pits and seems to be happy. Ted has delved into work to forget his unhappy marriage, and Peggy is having a hard time keeping it together and Roger….Well, he is Roger.

If you thought 13 episodes went by fast, this season is a mere 7. Don’t Blink or you’ll miss it!

Take a look at these 1969 inspired clothes.



Clockwise from top left: DVF Yvette Tweed A-Line Mini Dress $345.00 // Ralph Lauren Round Eye Sunglasses $240.00// Top Shop Geo Jacguard Miniskirt $68.00 // J Brand Low Rise Bell Bottom // Swell Reverse Retro Love Dress $59.00 // Calypso Luna Peplum Silk Blouse $275.00 on sale for $199.00.



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