News Flash!! Blood Moon Tonight!


I just realized that tonight’s lunar eclipse — the first of four consecutive total eclipses of the moon between April 2014 and September 2015 in what is called a “tetrad” series (Before the 20th century it had been 300 years since we had seen this series.) — will also reveal a Blood Moon.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth, moon and sun are in perfect rare alignment. Tonight you’ll see the earth’s shadow sweeping across the moon and eventually the moon will almost look like it has disappeared, but it hasn’t, it is then that the moon will be a bright red.

Why will the moon look red? If you standing on the moon, after the eclipse, you would see a red ring of fire which are all the sunsets of the earth lighting up the moon. We’re seeing the sun passing through the earth making all the world’s sunsets light up the moon, turning it the blood red color. It’s a cool time to take a moment and reflect where you are in this universe.

It’s also the closet Mars has been to the earth in over six years, with clear skies, you’ll get to see the moon being eclipsed and mars shining bright orange right next to it. Imagine viewing a blood red moon and an orange mars!!

On the west coast 11:00 is the start of the lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon will be seen at 12:06.


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