H&M Conscious Collections

Consciousness: concern, interest, or acute awareness – as in global consciousness. This is one of the definitions, the one that H&M has taken to heart as exhibited by their Conscious Collection — debuting April 10th at select H&M stores. This year, H&M is launching not one but two Conscious collections, including the H&M Conscious Exclusive line created in partnership with the Ever Manifesto collective.

The medley of fabrics used to make these eco-friendly clothes, all recycled or organic materials, has grown by 2. This year, the Swedish company has introduced new sustainable materials, including vegetable tanned leather and organic silk.

Now…if we could convince H&M to follow through on their promise to start (by 2018) to pay laborers a fair wage (though they won’t say what that is). Tell me, would you pay a few more dollars so a worker could earn more than .15 an hour?

These are a few of my favorites. Proving fashion and sustainability can work together in creating fantastic fashion!

Clockwise from top left: H&M Conscious Collection Tunic $59.95 & Shorts $49.95 ♦ H&M Conscious Collection Headband $17.95 , Jumpsuit TBD, Flats $99.00 ♦ H&M Conscious Collection Lace A-Line Dress $249.00 & Shoulder Piece $149.00 ♦ H&M Conscious Collection Kimona Dress $69.95 Embellished Mules $149.00 ♦ H&M Conscious Collection Pleated Top $49.95 & Bonded Pants $129.00 ♦ H&M Conscious Collection Bustier Top $129.00 & Palazzo Pant $49.95.

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