What: ASAP54 is the first ever app to combine a social fashion community with the latest visual recognition technology, to instantly connect you with that must-have item that you are hunting for.

Who: A London-based start-up founded in April 2013 by Sao Paulo born and raised, Daniela Cecilio.

Why: “I was also looking for a simple way to be connected to what my friends and muses were coveting. I loved the idea of a sneaky peak into other peoples fashion searches that I can turn to for inspiration.” says Danielle.

I down loaded ASAP 54 because with the use of my phone I can see something I love on the street, take a pic (after asking politely) and ASAP 54 will surf their data base (that’s where the nifty visual recognition technology comes in) of over 700,000 pieces for the item or similar finds. If you don’t like what they come up with, the app offers in-house stylists to assist you further in your search. All within a 24-hour turnaround.

 Download now!

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