Entertaining The Gypsy Soul Within

My love affair with Francisco Costa and his designs for Calvin Klein Collection continues. When queried about the inspiration for his Fall 2014 collection, he stated, “It felt like the clothes needed to be cooler, urban; there was this idea of a gypsy.” After seeing the first few exits, we had witnessed that look (the coats and lug-soled lace-up boots, for starters). A look so cool, it could have me entertaining a move to New York.

Francisco surmised 85% of the collection were knits – mohair coats and dresses with all manner of knit separates in between. Yet, these were no ordinary knits. These were modern, tailored, almost structural knits. Witness the column neck on sweaters, and seaming that gave shape to dresses.

Stand out pieces (besides the cream mohair coat), were eye-popping turtlenecks hand-stitched with front panels —  various rows of color and texture that lent them a fresh flair. The sleeveless turtleneck tunic and matching tube skirt, a fusion between Costa’s version of Fair Isle and a Mojave flavored blanket, is sure to be a huge success come next fall. It was touches like these and the use of oversize safety pins threaded with big plastic beads instead of buttons that lent a certain playfulness to the collection (and that cool factor).

If winter storms, like New York has endured thus far, are on the horizon for next year, at least they’ll have knits like these to cozy up to.


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  1. bellaview

    omg! I love love love this collection!!!!


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