Peter Pilotto Picked A Pickled Pepper

The days to Peter Pilotto’s collection for Target debuting (Sunday, February 9th) are ticking away. The collection looks as awesome as you would expect, and is full of the fantastic eye-popping prints he is famous for – just at much lower prices!! These are a few of my favs — it was no easy task narrowing it down to 10 items.

If only the collection wasn’t launching on a Sunday — a day to snuggle in bed with cappuccinos, the New York Times, and if you’re lucky, your loved one. Making a mad dash to Target to arrive before the doors open (if you don’t, plan on not getting the first items on your wish list) isn’t as easy as it sounds. And, once there, you’re almost certain to comes to blows over that last floral romper. Deals bring out the worst in some shoppers!!

Luckily, Net-a-Porter has decided to aide us in our Sunday morning rituals, letting us peruse and order the collection from the comfort of our home. As an extra bonus for New Yorker’s they’re offering same day delivery, and free shipping and returns for the rest of us.

And, the best news, to celebrate their launch, Net-a-Porter is giving us the chance to win their edit of the collection, plus an $8000.00 shopping spree. Now that is my kind of bonus!! Hurry, the competition closes at 6:59 on February 8th.

Clockwise from top left:  Top $30.00, Skirt $35.00, Skirt $35.00, Sunglasses $17.00, Skirt $35.00, Dress $70.00, Slip-ons $30.00, Bikini Top $18.00, Bikini Bottom $15.00, Romper $ 50.00, Top $23.00.


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  1. WOW! Gorgeous. I want everything 🙂

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