Dickens Lives Up To Her Name

No Lie. When visiting my mother a few weeks ago, her new puppy (a little dachsund, that barks at everything, but beyond that is adorable) snuck in my room, and gnawed on my fairly new pair (4 months old) of flat black ankle boots (so much so that they are ruined). They were the awesome pair I bought in New York, had been living in, and are, sadly, no longer on this planet in my size.

Finding a replacement, that fits me and I love, hasn’t turned out to be easy as I thought. A couple of styles are available — Church’s Merthyr polished leather ankle boots, and ASOS’s black lace ups. I’m leaning toward the Church’s. What do you guys think??

The others, unfortunately aren’t. But, I thought I’d at least turn you on to them in hopes that some one would be lucky enough to strike gold (the right shoe size). I especially adore the Carritz’s leather boots — love the harness wrapped around the in step (only 3 left)!! Another fav, Chloe’s ankle boots with the metal closures are timeless and chic, but only available in a size 7. On sale from $1290.00 to $348.00, there must be a Cinderella out there somewhere in need!!

Clockwise from top left: Frye Anna Outside Zip Shortie Boots $278.00 Zappos, Bertie Peron Black Lace Up Ankle Boots $165.00 ASOS, Church’s Merthyr Polished Leather Ankle Boots $580.00 Net-a-Porter, Carritz Leather Ankle Boot $1041 on sale for $729 Farfetch, Chloe Ankle Boots $1290.00 on sale for $348.00 Shoescribe, Eileen Jagger Leather Short Boot $495.00 on sale for $198.00 Alice & Olivia.


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