Master & Muse – Socially Conscious Clothing

Master & Muse is Amber Valletta’s (model/actress/humanitarian) newly launched lifestyle brand/one-stop shop for conscious consumption – bridging the gap between chic fashionable clothing and mindful, innovative, responsible manufacturing.

As a conscious, active humanitarian (she actually walks the walk —  I have personally worked with her and witnessed her in action) Amber believes the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It hasn’t always been easy to find cutting-edge, fashionable clothes (ones we as stylish beings want to wear) designed with social consciousness. With Master & Muse and its slew of personally curated and vetted socially responsible designers, it has now become that much easier. Hallelujah!!!

Amber’s activism and care of environmental sustainability stems from her Midwest roots. “Growing up, all of my enjoyment and entertainment came from being in the natural world,” she explains. “It only makes sense, especially with a child of my own now, to do what I can to protect our world.”  The name stems from the many master and muses Amber is grateful to have worked with over the span of her career. Her latest adventure finds herself elated to be in a place in her life where she is reminded of the words of one of her muses, philosopher Aristotle — “Where the needs of the world and your talents meet, therein lies your vocation.”

I, personally would like to thank Amber. After visiting Master & Muse I am confident you will too!!

Clockwise from top left: The Sway Up-Cycled Jacket $779.00, Kayu Zebra Print Handbag $155.00 on sale for $109.00, Goodone Cardigan $311.00, H Fredriksson Short Dress $390.00 on sale for $275.00, Good Society Denim Pants $209.00, 100% NY Knee Length Dress $570.00 on sale for $395.00.


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