My Tunes For The Week

I always look forward to Tuesday, the day artist’s new music is dropped. Two albums that are definatley worth a listen to, are Roseanna Cash’s The River & The Thread – personal and reflective lyrics in songs that are crafted with a subtle intelligence. Superb vocals with rich and elegant production. Stand out songs are A Feathers Not A Bird and When The Master Calls The Roll.

In Bruce Springsteen illustrious career he has never put out an album like this one. High Hopes is an album of covers — other songwriters along with revived editions of American Skin (41 Shots) and The Ghost Of Tom Joad, along with outtakes from the last decade. The renditions of American Skin, The Ghost Of Tom Joad and High Hopes, with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello (who was a huge influence in the making of this album), are amazing, and make this album worth the spin.

With the announcement of Nirvana (one of my all time favorite bands) being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, I’ve been listening to In Utero which was remastered at London’s Abbey Road Studios for its 20th anniversary, and Nevermind (also remastered on its 20th anniversary) non stop. Stand out songs are Rape Me, Come As You Are, and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Congratulations guys!!


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