Gifts For The Everyman

Coin $55.00 Pre-Order

Since my search for love is on a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays, there was no need to find that ideal romantic, yet manly, gift. But, I did curate a list of unique, imaginative gifts that any man in your life will adore.

For the guys who love gadgets (and what guy doesn’t) gifting the Ubi the latest in computer technology is an always-on voice-activated computer that lets you send texts, search the internet and more, all while remaining hands free. You have to see it to believe it!! Or, the Coin, is a buzzy new startup that’s making a digital credit card that stores information for all the other cards in your wallet. Pre-order one now, pay half of the price it will retail for in its 2014 summer launch!

Is your man in touch with his inner fashionista? Or, is he fashionably challenged? Either way, he’ll love the Rag & Bone bomber jacket, John Varvatos vintage Chukkas, or a deliciously cozy Velvet cashmere crew-neck sweater from Chelsea Brentwood.

If entertainment is your guys thing, think about Sony’s multizone all region wi-fi DVD blu- ray player – it brings a whole new element to movie watching. Or, in The Great War, acclaimed cartoon journalist Joe Sacco depicts the events of the first day of WW1 – the Battle of the Somme, in an extraordinary, 24-foot long panorama illustrated book. This wordless depiction allows us to see the war to end all wars as we’ve never seen it before. Fantastic for all those history buffs out there!

Last but not least, is the BBQ grill kit to end all sets. ManCrates brings us The Grill Master crate, complete with everything he needs to serve up the perfect steak. A sure fire winner!!

Happy shopping everyone!!

Clockwise from top left: The Coin $55.00 Pre-Order, Velvet Grayson Cashmere Sweater @ Chelsea Brentwood 310.471.4770, John Varvatos NYC Vintage Chukka $298.00 on sale for $178.80, Scotch & Soda Boucle Bomber Jacket $249.00 on sale for $174.00, The Great War  The First Day of the Battle of the Somme $35.00 on sale for $22.14 Amazon, UBI The Ubiquitous Computer $299.00, Man Crates Grill Master Crate $109.00,  Sony Blu Ray DVD  $219.00 on sale for $198.00 Amazon.


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