It’s A Win Win Situation

Theory (Product) Red Women's crew Neck Cashmere Sweater $265.00Ado(red) Onesie $18.00

165 Days15 Days

Feed (Product)Red Love 30 BagDance (RED) Saves lives 2 Album

30 Days25 Days

This holiday go for the win, win when gift giving with (PRODUCT) RED. When buying (RED) from these iconic brands that have chosen to do their share by donating up to 50% of the proceeds, you will be a part of the fight to end AIDS. Right now we’re at a tipping point in the fight – with action and urgency, it’s possible for the world to end the transmission of HIV from moms to their babies.

(Red) shows you how many days of life saving pills will be provided for each gift you purchase. My favorite is the well-known Feed bag, not only does it provide 30 meals for families in need, but 30 days of life-saving pills as well. That is known as a hat trick, my friends!!

This year make your shopping easy and head over to (PRODUCT)RED, there is something for everyone on your list whether they have been naughty or nice!

Remember, like the folks at (RED) say, “The question isn’t can we, but will we?”

Bottletop (Product)Red Amaranta braided bag $770.00Belvedere (Product)Red Special Edition Vodka Bottle

186 Days37-62 Days

Jonathan Adler Special Edition Tomato Pop Candle $38.00Theory (Product)Red Unisex Wool Beanie hat $65.00

9 Days40 Days

Clockwise from top left: Theory (Product)Red Women’s crew Neck Cashmere Sweater $265.00, Ado(Red) Onesie $18.00, Dance (RED) Saves lives 2 Album $9.99, Belvedere (Product)Red Special Edition Vodka Bottle $30 -$50.00, Theory (Product)Red Unisex Wool Beanie Hat $65.00, Jonathan Adler Special Edition Tomato Pop Candle $38.00, Bottletop (Product)Red Amaranta Braided Bag $770.00, Feed (Product)Red Love 30 Bag $80.00.


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