All You Need Is Love!!

Sugar Bean Love Bracelet $70.00 14K Rose GoldSugar Bean Love Ring Rose $99.00

Sugar Bean Love Necklace $88.00 Chelsea BrentwoodSugar Bean Hope Diamond Necklace $499.00

“All you need is love!” I know it sounds cliché, but when Chelsea gave me the Sugar Bean Love bracelet for my birthday last month, it was the first thing that popped into my head. And, while it might sound trite, it does go a long, long way towards attaining happiness. When I catch glimpses of it during my day (I have yet to take it off!) I am reminded of all the love I have in my life — amazing family, friends, neighbors, and that special someone I know is out there, just waiting to meet me!

This fabulous bracelet ($70.00) measures 6.5 ” and is made from solid sterling silver and plated in your choice of 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold or rhodium with cubic zirconia stones. Sugar Bean also makes a 16″ necklace ($88.00) that has a 2″ extension so you can change the length for layering, and is offered in the same colors. The ring ($99.00) is sterling silver and plated in 14k rose gold.

I can’t think of anything that goes with Love better than Hope. Except, when hope is spelled out in diamonds! For all you diamond girls out there, Sugar Bean created the real thing spelled out in omg, breathe, loveyou and hope!!

Love bracelet, necklace and ring @ Chelsea Brentwood 310.471.477 11704 Barrington Court  Los Angeles, CA 90049

Sugar Bean Hope Diamond Necklace $499.00


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