These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Fred Seagal TBITLeopard foldover clutches by LA's Clare Vivier.

T-shirts by UK label Hype Means NothingCandy

Planning a trip for the holidays? Or, maybe a quick weekend getaway? If you’re anything like me, you plan your arrival at the airport, with just enough time to make it through security and as little time as possible hanging out in the dreary waiting areas. It’s stressful but it beats waiting for hours. Now, there is an alternative! Fred Segal has opened its doors at LAX (Tom Bradley International Terminal)! Now I think I’ll forgo sweating out my timing, arrive early, and enjoying some shopping before my flight!!

The 2,200 square foot vision with a digital greenery exterior (a nod to the Fred Segal on Melrose) is packed full of LA hometown hero’s such as Clare Vivier (bags), Cotton Citizen (basics), J Brand (denim), Baxter of California (grooming) and Cast of Vices (jewelry). Merchandising magic-maker Marcus Laxamana has done an ace job building unique style vibes throughout the boutique, creating a condensed version of Fred Segal’s signature shop-in-shop experience.

There’s nothing like combining 2 of my favorite things – shopping and traveling!!

Cozy Tee;s by LA's NSFCult-cool mags and more Clare Vivier.

Let The Distance Keep Us TogetherFred Sragal @TBIT


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