Monkey See, Monkey Hear, Monkey Do

Dallas Buyers Club

Every bit of  buzz surrounding Matthew McConaughey’s and Jared Leto’s phenomenal performances (both Oscar worthy) in Dallas Buyers Club is well-earned. Never mind the physical transformations they underwent in order to portray emaciated HIV patients in the film (though it does bring the reality of their situation front and center), what we should focus on is the emotional substance of their accomplished performances.

Directed by  Jean-Marc Vallée (The Young Victoria), from a touching and often funny script by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack, Dallas Buyers Club is based on the true story of Ron Woodruff a foul mouthed, homophobic, sex crazed Texas electrician and rodeo rider who receives a diagnosis of H.I.V. in 1985. What I loved the most about this film (besides the fine acting) is the story of Woodruff’s personal transformation; brought about by his suffering and his new-found compassion for those, who may be different from him, yet he “walks in their same shoes” namely Leto’s transsexual Rayon. Leto convincingly nails his portrayal of Rayon as both a real person and someone who embodies the pain and suffering of so many members of the LGBT community back during the height of the U.S. AIDS crisis. A definite must see!!

Lorde, has been named one of the “Most Influential Teens,” along side Justin Beiber, Malala Yousafzai and Malia Obama to name a few. With the success of her debut album, Pure Heroine, and its hit single, Royals, topping the US Billboard singles charts for seven weeks; it’s no wonder she just signed a major recording deal that is reported to be worth anywhere from 2.5 to 4 million dollars. And, on her birthday no less!!


Not quite sure how I feel about Tinder, the hottest new on-line dating app, but if physical attraction is important to you when dating this could be for you!! It’s simple. Swipe a picture left, that person is gone forever. Swipe right, and if they’ve done the same for you, it allows you to chat to them. Short, sweet and to the point.

Let me know what you think!!


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