Please Don’t Forget To Help Maria Win L’oreal’s Women Of Worth Contest

maria wow-for FACEBOOKI not only love this women, she has the kindest, beautiful spirit, but I respect her and all the work she does for under privileged children and their families. I know it is a lot to ask but I’m going to anyway! Please vote, retweet and put on your facebook page today.




My Dearest Friends:

Hello to you all! As I mentioned to you all in an email of last week, L’Oréal Paris has awarded me the prestigious honor of being a 2013 Woman of Worth, an award which recognizes women that are making a beautiful difference in the world. L’Oréal Paris is supporting us through grants and by raising awareness for our causes. Every year, ten women are selected and recognized for their extraordinary efforts serving their communities.

Now, the CLF has the TREMENDOUS opportunity of winning an additional $25,000, but we need your help! There will be a public online vote for the National Woman of Worth Honoree, DAILY, through Nov 20th:

*STARTING at 8:30 am PST Tomorrow, NOVEMBER 12th, for a full 24 hours- I will be featured on the L’Oreal Paris Facebook and Twitter Pages. When you go on the L’Oreal Pages, and LIKE the L’OREAL PARIS FACEBOOK PAGE  itself AND my FEATURED POST, it counts as an EXTRA VOTE! AS WILL YOUR Retweet from L’Oreal Paris from their TWITTER FEED!
My greatest gratitude and love,
Maria D’Angelo
Founder & President

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