I’m Back

CelineDerek Lam

Nicholas KirkwoodGivenchy Shoes

Juan Carlos BandoNina Ricci

Saint Laurant

While it was raining last Friday morning in NYC, I tucked myself away in one of my favorite enclaves in the city. I’d forgotten how divine Barney’s New York on Madison Avenue was. Definitely dwarfs our Beverly Hills store (and that’s not easy to do).

I didn’t leave till I had finished looking at every nook and cranny in the women’s’ departments. The store is exquisitely laid out, every area was magnificent. For me, it was almost like being in a museum. The most happening spot in the store? Easily the women’s shoe salon!

When I finally pulled myself out, the sun was now shining, so I ventured into Central Park, and I have to admit, it was even more gorgeous than Barneys. Next, I trekked up to the Met, another breathtaking institution. It was a perfect New York day! I highly recommend it!!

Central ParkCentral Park 3

Central Park 4Central Park 2

I did notice there was just one thinking missing from the streets of New York. RIP Lou Reed, you will be missed.

Lou Reed

1st group of photos, clockwise from left to right: Celine, Derek Lam, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent, Juan Carlos Obando, Nicholas Kirkwood.

2nd group – Central Park, Manhatten New York


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