London Fashion Week – Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Spring:Summer 2014Burberry Spring:Summer 2014

Burberry Spring:Summer 2014 Burberry Spring:Summer 2014

Burberry Spring:Summer 2014 Burberry Spring:Summer 2014

It was like watching a conveyor belt of your favorite, delicately colored confections waltz by. You swear each luscious piece is your absolute favorite, until you realize you’ve declared them all, individually, the most supreme.

As Christopher Bailey explained from backstage, “I wanted this English Rose, soft and tender. It started with a mood more than a theme—something gentle and kind.” What resulted was one alluring, romantic, extremely pretty ode to an English Rose and Nottingham lace. The latter, shown in sheer pencil skirts (looking like doilies or antimacassars) over girdle cut 1940’s panties were topped with lace tees, soft cashmere cardi’s and prim looking, high neckline sweaters artfully draped in the back, revealing swathes of skin that was clearly anything but.

The colors – soft sky blue, eau de nil, lilac, coral, and lingerie pinks resembled (another word) the inside of a multi-colored macaroon gift box. Then there was the stripe and polka dot story, and seductively draped and knotted dresses and skirts to spice things up. All were paired with the same needle-heeled sandal, with its wide t-strap made from a strip of rubber in vibrant pink, viridian green and cool white. The soft clutch bags were stylishly shown folded, crushed and clutched with flower appliques (fabric and plastic), bold stripes and feathery striped tulle in an array of mismatched mouth-watering colors.

Let’s not forget Christopher’s strong fashion message with the house’s iconic raincoats and trenches transformed into sleek fifties cocktail dresses with necklines draped across the shoulder, cinched with bejeweled belts, and Burberry’s signature water-resistant cotton which was used not only for a trench, but for a pencil skirt with embroidered cutouts – one of the more elaborate pieces in the collection. As was the clear plastic “raincoat” bolero in Cara Delevingne’s finale look; lavished with clusters of rhinestones, like so many twinkling diamond brooches.

A near perfect collection, as beautiful as the rainfall of rose petals—milky custard yellow blushed with pink—that floated down from the skies at the finale.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2014Burberry Spring/Summer 2014

Burberry Spring:Summer 2014 Burberry Spring/Summer 2014


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