Because You Deserve It!!

Seychelles Won't Wait Ankle Wedge $150.00 PiperlimePierre Hardy Ponyhair Wedge Ankle Boot $1165.00 Barneys

Isabel Marant Pierce Suede:Leather Wedge Boots $1560.00 Net-A-PorterCoach Melody Bootie $348.00

Dorthy Perkins navy:Black Wedge Ankle Boots $69.00Surfice To Air Ankle boots $460.00 Subscribe

This season high-heeled ankle boots have been infused with comfort. The chic, ultra cool look has remained, but gone are the sexy stiletto heels; replaced by an equally alluring wedge heel that has the extra comfort bonus built-in. Face it, in stiletto heels we put our feet through a lot of torture in the span of a work day, albeit for a worthy cause – Fashion!!

Now we don’t have to sacrifice our passion for fashion, the wedge offers a sense of stability that translates into joy for our feet. There’s quite the selection to choose from. Opt for a classic silhouettes like Seychelle’s, or a modern urban feel with Surface to Air’s front zip black ankle bootie, to a rock ‘n roll vibe, a la Isabel Marant’s tri strap suede, leather and calf hair wedge boots – sure to be another big hit for Marant.

You can also get in on the black and navy craze this fall with Dorthy Perkins’  booties – you won’t beat the price! At the other end of the spectrum is Pierre Hardy’s  ponyhair wedge. Fabulous!!

So now that you’ve got a viable reason to update your ankle boots (not like we really need one); what are you waiting for?

Clockwise from top left: Seychelles Won’t Wait Ankle Wedge $150.00 Piperlime, Pierre Hardy Ponyhair Wedge Ankle Boot $1165.00 Barneys New York, Coach Melody Bootie $348.00 Intermix, Surface To Air Ankle Boots $460.00 Subscribe, Dorothy Perkins Navy & Black Wedge Ankle Boots $69.00, Isabel Marant Pierce Suede/Leather Wedge Boots $1560.00 Net-A-Porter.


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