Ease Into Fall With Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Fall 2013Isabel Marant Fall 2013 1

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 2Isabel Marant Fall 2013 3

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 4Isabel Marant Fall 2013 5

Summer is winding down, and as I’m sure many of you can relate to, it feels like I lost my favorite season. Gone faster than a New York minute. But every cloud has a silver lining, and this one is the deliciousness and variety that fall clothes offers. Luscious sweaters, chic coats, ultra cool boots, and the ideal time to splurge on another designer handbag (okay, when isn’t it??) to add to the collection.

From Isabel Marant’s first exit of an all black and navy look featuring skintight suede pants, a thin T-shirt over a studded tank with a narrow studded scarf and buckled wedge booties (which are to-die-for!!!) you could see and feel the rock’n’roll vibe of the collection.

Besides the edge of the rock’n’roll mood check out the studded jackets and bottoms there was an ease and classicness to the collection too. At times Marant layered at least three tissue-thin cotton tops over each other and paired them with supertight pants that looked as of they could double for leggings. Super short sweater dresses, shown bare legged with another sure to be IT boot of the season (a divine pony hair to-the-knee wedge), could also be paired with the aforementioned suede pants/leggings. On top were moto-style jackets, oversize blazers or simple longer wool coats. My stand out pieces (besides those sublime boots) were the miniskirt, in either the cream wool version or the dark studded one, with its layered look and multiple inverted v’s, and the sweaters with cut-outs at the chest layered over tanks.

Back stage Isabel Marant explained the intended effortlessness of the collection, “The idea was that in winter you don’t want to dress up. It’s already cold and you just want to be comfortable and warm. So I layered plain and efficient garments that won’t make you pull your hair out.” Hmm, the simpleness of summer dressing with the comfort and warmth needed in fall/winter. I like it!!

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 6Isabel Marant Fall 2013 7

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 8Isabel Marant Fall 2013 9

Isabel Marant Fall 2013 collection.


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    love my Isabel!


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