Been Loving Madonna For 30 Years

Madonna 1983Madonna 1986

Madonna Blond Ambition 1990Madonna 1995

Madonna performs at the beginning of the 41st Annual Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (1999)Madonna 2008

Madonna 2010Madonna 2013 In Givenchy Couture

It was 30 years ago (July 27, 1983) that Sire Records released the unknown Madonna Ciccone’s 1st album, Madonna. It wasn’t long before her catchy fusion of new wave and pop was playing on every dance floor and Madonna became a house hold name.

She’s provoked us, inspired us, entertained us and infuriated many. She has shown us what blonde ambition looks like, transformed her image many times over, displayed more of her self than many wanted to see (and many did), shown a gentle side and never, ever could be described as boring or irrelevant.

From the first time I heard ‘Holiday’ (I still remember driving with my girlfriend on Sunset Ave and hearing her raw energy ooze through the radio), to her walk on 2013’s Met Gala (punk theme) red carpet in Givenchy Haute Couture, Madonna has always enthralled me with her authenticity and bravado. I’m looking forward to many more years!!

Read Rolling Stone’s article How Madonna Became Madonna: An Oral History for the full scoop from the people who were there!!

Holiday Video

Clockwise from top left: Madonna 1983, Madonna & Sean Penn 1986, Madonna 1995 Video Music Awards, Madonna 2008, Madonna 2013 In Givenchy Couture, Madonna 2010, Madonna 41st Annual Grammy Awards 1999, Madonna Blond Ambition Tour 1990.


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