Thank You Alice!

Sarah Jessica ParkerMichelle WilliamsJulienne MooreNaomi Watts

You may think with the sudden influx of celebrities snapped wearing their Swedish Hasbeens that they are making a resurgence. In fact, they never went away Sarah Jessica Parker has been wearing hers since 2008.

In 2006 some 300 pairs of shoes were found in the basement of an old clog factory in Sweden. They were rumored to belong to a super cool mum named Anita in the 1970’s who was known for looking fabulous in her white (red and black) high-heeled clogs. They brought them to Stockholm and started Swedish Hasbeens, which has been going strong ever since.

They are hand-made using the same craftsmanship as they did in the 70’s. Using all natural materials which makes them not only eco-friendly but extremely comfortable (after a brief breaking in period).

I would personally like to thank that ultra hip mom, Anita, where ever you are!!

SavannahMarocco Sandal $197.00

Driving Slip In $197.00Braided High

Clock wise from top left: Sarah Jessica Parker, Michele Williams, Naomi Watts, Julienne Moore.

Clock wise from top left: Savannah  $210.00 Swedish Hasbeens, Marocco  $197.00 Swedish Hasbeens, Braided Sky High  $210.00 Swedish Hasbeens, Driving Slip On  $197.00 Swedish Hasbeens.


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