The ‘IT’ Girl Shares!

Alexa Chung IT

Can’t wait to see what’s inside Alexa Chung’s up coming book on style and Life? While we’ll have to wait till September 5 of this year, Alexa is grabbing people’s attention and rallying up excitement in advance via tweets. Her first one, “Do judge a book by It’s cover” (get it), along with a pic of it’s simple pink cover.

The style icon has been busy snapping photo’s, drawing (what she believes is her best talent) and writing to share her musings and thoughts on life style. She has revealed a few tidbits to her approach on style: “You don’t have to follow [trends] to be stylish, it’s more about whatever you feel looks nice.”, and that she ‘never revisits the same item in the same outfit twice’. She also shares her general thoughts on life, details of her favorite looks and tips on what to wear in the mornings.

Alexa has been a busy girl. Below is a sneak peak at her first ad for L’Oreal hair color. With such beauty, I’m sure there will be many more to come!

Alexa Chung L'Oreal Ad


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