More Things We Love – Tom Odell

2013 is turning out to be quite the year for Tom Odell. Besides riding the critical success of his 2012 EP, Songs From Another Love, touring the US (a long time dream of his) to rave reviews, and opening for the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park this summer, Odell was named the BRITs’ Critics’ Choice Award winner, previously won by artists including Adele and Florence and The Machine. To top it off he was also announced as one of fifteen nominees for the BBC Sound of 2013 poll in January 2013.

It’s hard to believe that a young man of 22 (21 when he recorded Songs From Another Love) can write such poignant, passionate love songs coupled with music so magnificently formed. But, when you learn the Chichester born lad has been writing songs since the wee age of 13, and had the confidence to walk into pubs and clubs and ask to perform on the spot, not so much.

Odell spoke with Nowness about the his songwriting process and says his lyrics are inspired by his “inability to sustain a relationship with someone for longer than six months … I find that I write much better songs when I’m being honest, and writing about things that happen to me. It can get a little weird though, when friends or girlfriends work out that a song is about them. But it’s amazing what you can get away with it. Artistic license I think they call it.”

When discussing his debut studio album, Long Way Down, which is set to release on June 24th, the balladeer had this to say, “I hope the album feels human and real and that there are some flaws — because the flaws help make it what it is. Really, I’d love to live in a time when music felt uncontrived and imperfect and gave people a real sense of elevation. When it’s sad I want it to be REALLY sad. When it’s happy I want it to feel euphoric… I suppose I want the record to express the heightened feelings and emotions we all get in our lives.”

I love having something to look forward to!! Hurry up June 24th!


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