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Bootleg Market

Sarah Ellison Lewis, founder of Bootleg Airstream, is a seasoned fashion stylist and market editor with extensive experience in celebrity, editorial, red carpet, and wardrobe consulting. Especially shoes!

Bootleg Airstream, founded in 2011, offers customers impeccably curated, high fashion footwear from all over the world. This first and only shoe store in an Airstream trailer is parked in Austin, Texas in the center of the popular South Congress shopping district. But what about the shoe obsessed that doesn’t live in Austin?  Are we to do without her awesome, must have shoe collections?

Sarah has heard our cries of woe and answered them with the just launched Think of it as a muse for us folks with shoe obsessions, where you can also buy, sell or trade shoes. You can be inspired by and shop closets of the fashion elite, or do the same for street fashion from around the world. This global peer-to-peer shoe marketplace houses e-commerce, social aspects, news and inspiration all under one roof.


Are you tired of paying a 9% commission fee to Ebay? Don’t have the homemade or vintage goods for etsy? There’s a new kid in town where you can buy and sell clothing on line, and it’s going to be the next big thing.

Dresm is an online marketplace that is the result of a collaboration between a small group of friends, web designers and sales people, who hail from Portland Oregon. Their motto is ” We all wear clothes, we all spend money on clothes, we all discard clothes. With the idea that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, we hope that Dresm will encourage people to buy and sell used clothing”. They believe the fast turnover of fashion trends can take a toll on the planet. Their hope is to keep clothing in circulation longer to help reduce clothing’s demand for natural resources.

It’s user friendly- designed to simplify buying and selling clothing online – and their listing fees are cheap 15 cents (and free relisting), and a 3.5% sales fee which are then added up, and sent to you as a bill every 30 days – items for sale stay listed for 30 days. The sales fee is really the only draw back because you pay whether the item sells on not.  Try Dresm on a few items (I did), see what happens in 30 days! Let me know how it goes and I’ll share my results a month from now!



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