Coachella 2013 Festival Fashion

Kain Classic Modal & Silk-Blend Top $85.00  Aztec Embroidered Shorts $69.90

Isabel Marant jenny Boots $565.00 Vita Feda

Aviator large Metal Gold Sunglasses $145.00 RCVA MAp Reader Hat $44.00

Coachella is here and kicking off the music festival circuit (as it were), and if your anything like me you might need a few more goodies to pack in your weekender. There’s a lot of details to ruminate over – attendees have to pick their tops, bottoms, sunglasses, dresses, and even makeup to beat the sticky heat and scorching sun (don’t forget your sunscreen). With all the stunning looking celebs, models and who’s who of fashion you’ll want to look amazing!!

I’ve curated the perfect music festival ensemble to jump-start Coachella’s music/fashion extravaganza. And best of all, these fabulous separates not only make a awesome look, they’ll mix and match with a few goodies from your closet for a weekend of dynamite fashion.

It’s a great excuse to justify picking up something you’ve been coveting – for me it’s the Isabel Marant Jenny boots in sand. Or, the Vita Feda gold Titan stone bracelet. Maybe both, or why not all! A girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

Clockwise from top left: Kain Classic Modal & Silk-Blend Top $85.00, Aztec Embroidered Shorts $69.90, Vita Feda Gold Titan Stone Bracelet Chelsea Brentwood 310 471 4770, RCVA Map Reader Hat $44.00, Aviator Large Metal Gold Sunglasses $145.00, Isabel Marant Jenny Boots $565.00


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