Tristin Prettyman Awes At The LA Troubadour

Tristin Prettyman Cedar & Gold

Tristin Prettyman and her smokey alto voice graced the stage of Troubadour on Thursday, January 31st. Me and some of my bestest friends made the evening into a girls night out (looking around seems we weren’t the only ones), which seemed apropos considering her latest album’s (Cedar & Gold) theme of sifting through the wreckage of a love gone wrong and emerging stronger on the other side.

Prettyman, a beautiful woman (even if her stylist choose an awful dress for the evening), has a natural grace, a quick wit –  she told humorous and poignant stories about the songs meaning, though there might have been one too many references to her famous ex, Jason Mraz – affable charm and much, much talent to boot.

The entire night’s set, a respectable 90 minutes of lively and at times soothing melodies, was enjoyed by the entire sold out crowd, yet the stand out moments came from Cedar & Gold’s tracks – My Oh My, Quit You, The Rebound, I Was Gonna Marry You, Glass Jar, When You Come Down and my favorite (the evening’s closer) Come Clean.

I highly recommend grabbing a few of your friends, check out what ever live music is playing in your vicinity and quickly snap up tix, make a dinner reservation and have a night full of laughter, song and dance. It was truly rejuvenating!


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