Fashion News – Alexander Wang & John Galliano To Swap Continents?


By now, we all know of John Galliano’s self-imposed fall from fashion royalty when the designer’s anti-semitic rant at a Paris cafe was captured on video, and this being the 21st century, of course went viral. For the first time in over 2 years the brilliant designer will again be engaged in fashion. Oscar De la Renta has invited Galliano to spend time in his studio over the next three weeks, and while De la Renta would not comment on what role, if any, Galliano might play in his business, one can always hope.

In a statement to WWD, Galliano said he is an alcoholic and has been in recovery for the past two years. He went on to say, “Several years prior to my sobriety, I descended into the madness of the disease. I said and did things which hurt others, especially members of the Jewish community. I have expressed my sorrow privately and publicly for the pain which I have caused and I continue to do so. I remain committed to making amends to those I have hurt.” Galliano continued, “I am grateful to Oscar beyond words for inviting me to spend time with him in the familiar surroundings of a design studio. His support and faith in me is humbling.”

People can change if they have the desire and put in the effort. Let’s pray this is the case with Galliano. It would be a shame not to witness more of his extraordinary talent.

ALexander Wang
Seems we may be swapping designer talent with Paris, now that Alexander Wang has begun his tenure as creative director for Balenciaga (it was officially announced on December 3, 2012). And to this nonsense that has spread faster than wild fires that Wang was gifted the appointment due to his Chinese ties – I say, what about the man’s talent.
While it might seem like an odd marriage, Balenciaga of Paris high fashion and Wang the prince of American sportswear, the latter’s aptitude for having his finger on the pulse of his generation besides a talent for creating the new-next-must-have-accessory might (and let’s not forget he is a craftsman in his own right) might bode well for the Balenciaga house. Besides, if his Chinese ties are all that everyone is saying, this makes Wangs total package that much more appealing, and a smart business decision for PPR, the luxury group that owns Balenciaga, as well as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta.
As for the critics that he is too young, I leave you with these quotes. The first by Anna Wintor, the editor of Vogue, “Oh, please, come on,” she said. “How great is it to be young? That is when designers are at their most fearless. That is when you do your most creative work.”  And from Mr. Pinault, cheif executive at PPR, “When Mr. Ghesquière began designing Balenciaga (at the younger age of 25) in the mid-1990s, he was designing uniforms for Air France, and who would have said that Nicolas would become such a great talent?”

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